The Health Network

Providing local Wellbeing Workshops; each featuring short seminars, Q&A's and networking with healthcare clinicians and industry experts.

About us

 The Health Network Wellbeing Workshops each feature short seminars, Q&A's and networking combined. We work together as a group of GP's and healthcare clinicians, exercise instructors, coaches, therapists and those specialising in diet and nutrition. We work together and support each other to create a positive, collaborative community. With wait times getting longer and funding stretched, GP's are now referring more patients to social activities and other types of support to improve health and wellbeing, whilst aiming to reduce demand on the NHS. Our Wellbeing Workshops combine a range of information in one place - saving time and resources. Having only 10 minutes to tell your story in the GP consultation room can be a daunting experience, and you may walk out disappointed with the outcome, not knowing where to turn to next. Attend with friends and family and find out important answers to questions within a safe and friendly environment. We want to bridge the gap between the NHS and private services to educate and empower people about their wider  choice of treatment options. We also conveniently signpost attendees to the many different charities and services available in their local area.                 

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